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The Original Gospel from which the present Four Gospels were derived.

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An Irish clergyman Rev. G.J. Ouseley claims to have discovered the Original Gospel from which the present Four Gospels were derived, which, he says, was, "preserved in one of the Buddhist monasteris in Tibet, where it was hidden by some of the Essene Community for safety from the hands of the corrupters, and is now for the first time translated from the Aramaic."

Rev. Ouseley claims that he received a transcription Of the Original Gospel from a Buddhist monastery in Tibet where it is preserved. In this document the teachings of Jesus includes an admonition for his followers to practice the seventh day sabbath, non-violence to all living creatures and the secret to eternal life.

Rev. Ouseley writes:

" The early Christian Fathers did well their work in destroying the sources and records from which they gathered the information and data put by them in the Bible. But they failed to destroy it all. Some escaped and as it is discovered here and there by patient research workers, it is astonishing to see how the world has been deceived by the Christian Fathers."

In 1881 an English minister, Rev. G.J. Ouseley, got ahold of a hitherto unknown, not rewritten evangelical text. This uncorrupted text has century after century been secured from all falsification in a buddhistic monastary in Tibet, since the day a man has hidden it there, an man of the Essene society. Ouseley translated the Aramaic text and gave it the name The Gospel of the Holy Twelve.

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The Gospel of the Holy Twelve

"Blessed are they who read,

Hear and do.

Old things pass away.

Than comes the new,

Out of darkness,

Arises the light."

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