This article is about ancient giants unearthed throughout the world. The longest verified skeleton remains are typically no more than 11 feet high.


The following traits have been reported by archaeological accounts worldwide:[1]

  • Cannibalism
  • Elongated skulls (Bolivia monolithic site)
  • Horned skulls (six accounts)
  • Double row teeth skulls (50 accounts)
  • Triple row teeth skulls (1 account in Florida)
  • Six fingered (various)
  • Perfectly proportionate skeletal structures
  • Unusually good teeth; not decayed


  • 1971, Southern California, ancient burial site. Three humanoid skeletons, nine-foot in length.[2]
  • 1988, Waiuku Forest, New Zealand, 2000 ancient structures discovered. Mass skeletons from eight to nine foot long.[3]


Gigantism, otherwise known as pituitary gigantism has been found to be extremely rare in many of the skeleton giants observed in academia. Pituitary gigantism usually comes with noticeable proportionate deficiencies. However, it has been determined that most of the ancient giant skeletons have perfectly proportionate structures in height to width.[4]

Hoax competitionEdit

In 2002, an online photo-shop competition was initiated to design the best looking pictures of skeletal giants to mass circulate the Internet.[5]

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