Andrew Basiago is a lawyer from Vancouver, Washington. He is a notable name in the conspiracy community. Basiago claims to have been part of the time travel experiment known as Project Pegasus, under DARPA. He claims that he even traveled to Mars with a young Barack Obama. He also says that there is life on Mars and that the US government has been covering it up for over 50 years.

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See also: Tesla's X-ray experimentation
See also: Tesla's theoretical physics

"Tesla teleportation", or Vorta teleportation, are terms used by Andrew Basiago to describe the type of teleportation that the Space-time program uses. His reference to "Tesla" is a wink to Nikola Tesla (d.1943) for his research in the most important component that makes teleportation and time travel possible: "radiant energy" (Compare: Memorandum 6751, Line 7, "radiant energy"). Tesla believed the 19th century concept that an all pervasive "ether" transmits electrical energy.[1] If this theory is true, the same "ether" can transmit "radiant energy" (Compare: Memorandum 6751, Line 7, "etheric").


Basiago now runs a campaign with the same name "Project Pegasus" to make public aware of United States accomplishments in teleportation and Time Travel, with the ultimate intent for disclosure.

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