Ashtar is the name given to an extraterrestrial being or group of beings which some number of people claim to have channeled. UFO contactee George Van Tassel was the first to have claimed to have received a message, in 1952, from Ashtar.Since then many different claims about Ashtar have appeared in different contexts. The Ashtar movement is studied by academics as a prominent form of UFO religion.

Ashtar (now usually called Ashtar Sheran) is commander in an organization alien who seeks to warn humanity of a future catastrophe it will itself cause.

It seems generally accepted that if Ashtar physical appearance, it looks like a human being and particularly the kind of extraterrestrial Nordic : large, blue eyes and blond hair.

Ashtar's message is always apocalyptic: a large disaster is about to happen and the role of the people contacted are to warn the world that efforts be made to prevent the disaster or, For latest New Age trends, to encourage the spiritual evolution of human beings because only the most enlightened individuals will survive the event.

Ashtar Sheran is the name given to the leader of Ashtar Command, a benevolent being who spreads messages of peace amongst mankind to prepare it to enter the Aquarian Age. The figure of Ashtar was most notably promoted by George Van Tassel and a European contactee, Herbert Victor Speer.

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