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On July 20th, 2012 a "lone" gunman opened fire in a sold out theater in Aurora, Colorado killing 12 and injuring 70 others at the premier of the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises".  The shooting was said to have taken place in theater 9 of Century 16 theaters at Town Center in Aurora, Colorado during the 12:05 am showing.

The official story is that a local University of Colorado student James Eagan Holmes purchased a ticket to the 12:05 am showing, sat in the front row of the theater 9 and then about 20 minutes into the movie left through an emergency door to the rear of the theater where his car was parked out back. He then is said to have donned protective gear and loaded up with weapons, then returned to the theater through the same door ten minutes later at approximately 12:30 am, tossed a couple of cans of gas into the crowd and began shooting.

The first 9-11 calls from the theater began coming in at 12:39 am.  Police report arriving on the scene within 90 seconds of the first 911 call.  By 12:45am James Eagan Holmes was reported to be in custody, having calmly walked out the back of the theater where he was quickly arrested without resistance.

Upon his arrest, James Eagan Holmes allegedly informed officers that his apartment was booby trapped with explosives.  It was said to have taken the FBI two days to clear the appartment of explosives.

In total, eighty-two people were killed or wounded in the shooting and it was reported by mainstream media at the time as the most injuries of any mass shooting in United States History.

Police and Fire Audio ChannelsEdit

During the entire event police and fire audio channels were broadcast over the internet and were being recorded.  Full audio recordings of the actual police and fire dispatch from that evening are widely available online however, it should be noted that many (including those popularly aired by television news outlets) have been altered to confuse the timeline or clip together the important parts thus addiing confusion to the timing of events.  

Of particular note from the police and fire audio channels however is compelling evidence that eye-witnesses during the shooting were reporting multiple shooters, in both theaters 8 and 9 simultaneously and that police were chasing suspects dressed exactly like the shooter out the back of the theater well after the suspect was said to be in custody.  Police are even heard apprehending other suspects dressed in black and carrying weapons identical to that of the "lone" gunman which has never been reported on by mainstream media.  Additionally, the audio mentions explosives being found in the theater numerous times (another detail not reported by mainstream media). In addition, several key points in the audio reveal the shooting may have still been taking place well after James Holmes was said to have been in custody.

Eye Witness AccountsEdit

Very few eye witnesses have come forward publically but of those that did in the first few hours after the event, their accounts often times contradict the official narrative.  Multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing more than one shooter at the scene. One particular witness, Corbin Dates, claimed to have seen a man take a phone call before the start of the movie and then go open the fire exit door and motion for someone to come to him.  Corbin emphatically insisted that the man on the phone was NOT the shooter nor does his description of the man on the phone match the description of James Holmes. Later when Corbin Dates sees James Holmes for the first time on TV he is shocked and claims that no one who was actually there would say that man (James Holmes) was the shooter.  Corbin also seems to recall the shooter still being inside the theater well after the official narratie says James Holmes was detained. 

No Hard ProofEdit

To date no video footage has been released to the public proving that James Eagan Holmes was ever at the theater that night.  Despite the theater being equipped with surveillance cameras everywhere, we have no footage of James Holmes standing in line before the movie, no video of him walking through the lobby, no video footage of him going back out to his car and moving it of the back of the theater as one verson of the official story maintains, etc.   In fact, we have no video footage of him ANYWHERE near the theater before or after the shooting. Additionally it has been reported over and over that the shooter was wearing full riot gear from head to toe including a helmet and gas mask. Therefore not a single eyewitness inside the theater will ever be able to positively identifiy the shooter and cannot say with certainty that it was James Holmes pulling the trigger.

Changing Facts After the ShootingEdit

In the days and weeks following the shooting, strange facts began to emerge casting doubt on the official story.  For starters, James Eagan Holmes appeared to be completely unaware of his surroundings in his first pre-trail appearance leading some to question if he had been drugged.  Sortly after that the court ordered a complete media black out of any further proceedings and put in place an unprecidented gag order on all facts pertaining to the case. Conflicting reports were coming out on whether or not James Holmes had dropped out of school or was on suspension, whether he lived with roomates or lived alone, and whether or not he was on a watch list of potentially dangerous students.  Crime scene photos were leaked showing multiple gas masks dropped behind the theater and tagged as evidence suggesting again that there was more than one shooter. Conflicting reports of where the guns and ammunition were found started to surface (some saying Holmes had weapons on him at the time of his arrest and other saying he discarded them in the theater). Mysterious profiles on adult dating sites surfaced supposedly created by James Holmes himself but listing several facts about James Holmes inaccurately suggested the pages were created by someone else.  A mysterous "package" supposedly appeared at the University's of Colorado's mailroom containing a notebook detailing James's Holmes plans for the shooting but conflicting information regarding the package began to surface suggesting the notebook had been planted AFTER the shooting. Witnesses began coming forward claiming to have heard James Holmes confessing to the crime in jail but were later dismissed as fabrications or errors. A mysterious lady in red showed up at a pre-trial hearing for James Holmes claiming the shooting and trail was a huge conspiracy and that she could prove it but was immediately thrown out of court and dismissed as crazy.  A nurse who attended to some of the shooting victims the night of the shooting mysteriously died in a freak boating accident weeks after the shooting in a manner almost too bizarre to believe. And much, much more.....

Conspiracy TheoriesEdit

Numerous conspiracy theories began to surface shortly after the shooting.  Chief among them was the belief that a team of trained killers carried out the actual shooting and left a drugged up James Holmes in a car behind the theater to be taken as the patsy.  Some have also seen parallels in other mass shootings in 2012 such as the Sikh Temple shooting in Wisconsin and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, both of which also have eye-witnesses who claim to have seen multiple shooters and, in he case of Newtown, conflicting facts about the evidence and police and fire audio transmissions. Conspiracy theorists have suggested these mass shootings were being staged as a pretext for stricter gun control laws in America while others have seen a connection to a huge financial scandal involving LIBOR interest rate fixing, a scandal believed to involve trillions of dollars. Both James Egan Holmes (batman shooter) and Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook shooter) have fathers connected to big banking in some manner. Both fathers were allegedly set to testify before Congress regarding LIBOR rate fixing.

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