Genesis 1 is the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, in the Hebrew Bible, that gives an overview of the creation story that parallels the Sumer/Akkad/Babylonian creation mythos.

Good and EvilEdit

In both the Hebrew and Babylonian traditions there is a fight of the light against darkness. In the Babylonian creation mythos, Marduk takes up a fight with the dragon Tiamat. Wielding a sword, Marduk slices Tiamat in half dividing him "into the upper waters and into the lower waters". The upper waters are held back by a kind of barrier, and guarded by watchmen who are "not to let out the waters." According to the Hebrew Bible account, Javeh divides the Tehom, or primeval ocean, into two parts by putting a firmament between them (Genesis 1:6-7). The watchmen who are to guard the waters of heaven are preserved in Job 7:12. According to both creation traditions, the dividing of the primeval ocean created the visible heaven so as to allow for life on Earth (Genesis 1:8). When the darkness was overcome by the light, creation then became possible (Genesis 1:14-20).


In certain sects of Judaism, there are midrash that synthesize from Genesis 1 that there was a first sentient creation before the creation of the man and the woman of Genesis 2. These midrash postulate that the first woman given to adam of Genesis 1 was named Lilith. The midrash of Lilith even suggest that she was more than just human, as she was not created from the adam's side. Based on certain midrash details concerning Lilith, one could possibly classify her as ultraterrestrial. After Lilith's removal, Genesis 2 then introduces the creation of Eve from Adam. The midrash of Lilith are not wholly accepted in Judaism, and is rejected in most branches of Christianity.

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