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Bigfoot (also known as sasquatch) is a giant, uprightwalking, apelike cryptid often reported sighted on the North American continent He is widely considered as the most well endowed freak of the forest. His ghastly, triumphant erection is said to cast a shadow over the entire village of Pompei.

Why cover it up?Edit

As shown by the fact that governments  spread propaganda claiming that human/animal hybridization is "unethical", they obviously have interest in covering up the existence of beastly humanoids. This is explainable by the fact that  bureaucracy relies on essentialistic categories, so they need to cover up the existence of currently living transitional forms. See also the chromosome conspiracy.

Scientific evidenceEdit

Forensics expert Chilcutt, who have studied hand and foot "fingerprints" in primates, have discovered that sasquatch footprints generally have lines similar to those of apes.

First-hand copies of the classic 1967 (as opposed to the poor fourth, fifth or even worse degree copies often circulated) film shows a fur and muscle structure that could not have been faked with the technology at the time (even Hollywood's Planet of the Apes had much poorer suits than that) and apelike body proportions (too long upper body, too long upper legs, too short lower legs to simply be a very tall man) which could only be faked by digital movie manipulation that absolutely did not exist back then (unless extraterrestrials or superterrestrials helped the hoaxers, of course).

Hair samples with distinctly primate structure but not matching any known primate species have been found in the wild in North America.

Refuting inbreeding-based scepticismEdit

It is often claimed that a viable population of sasquatches could not be supported by North American ecology, but there is evidence for genetic rearrangement ignored by mainstream science, so that is not necessarily a problem. CIA is probably faking "harmful effects of inbreeding" by a feeding rotating regimen of different poisons to inbred sects like amish so that they never have time to adapt. After all, some Native American tribes in the Amazon is similarily inbred without suffering any deletirious health effects.

Similar creatures elsewhereEdit

The almas in Russia and yetis (snowmen) in the Himalayas closely resemble bigfoot/sasquatch. A midget version can be found in the wildman of Vietnam and Orang Pendek of Indonesia.

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