A diagram of the likely way the coastline slid into the ocean.

The California Sink refers to a period in U.S. History where the continental shelf containing the political states of California and Southern Oregon are thought to have slid into the Pacific Ocean.  Many tie the occurence to the San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906.  Myths of Atlantis are associated with the event, with Atlantis thought to be a large city such as San Fransisco, L.A., or San Jose residing on the ocean floor.  It is believed that the United States Government Shutdown is tied to the increase in speculation about the event that was supposed to be covered up.


Little factual information is known about the event.  It is believed that the San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906 cased the San Andreas fault line to literally snap off of the North American Plate, causing the coastline to slide into the Pacific Ocean.  Government officials were able to keep civilians who witnessed the event quiet.  National governments had been monitoring the area and predicted the event, allowing about 98% of civillians to be evacuated.  Unfortunately, about 3,000 citizens remained behind, and were pulled into the ocean along with the violently crumbling landmass.

Government and Media ResponseEdit

The California Sink theory has skyrocketed in popularity over the last 18 months, and as a reult, heads have turned.  Despite a statement by Vice President Joe Biden in late 2012 stating that, "the claims of a California Sink are false and preposterous," most believe the goverment is aware of such an occurence.  The general consensus is the government shutdown is a feeble attempt to hide the events of 1906.  It is agreed that supposed evidence of California's exsistence such as photos and videos were taken in Northern Mexico, or possibly coastline shots from Nevada, which now borders the Pacific Ocean.

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