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The best way to defend injustices is to fool people into believing that the only alternative is something much worse. The capitalists of course claim that the tyranny of Soviet communism is the only alternative to capitalism. With so much to win from having people believe that, the capitalists must secretly have supported Soviet communism.

There is historical evidence that they actually did. Western countries, including Germany and Sweden, helped Lenin (one of the power-hungriest, most ruthless dicks in the communist movement) return to Russia during World War I. The Bolsheviks were a very small faction in Russian politics, there were a massive and initially successful resistance against them within Russia (railers and telegraphists refused to help them for several days after the coup), the intervening Western troops that should supposedly crush the Bolsheviks were technologically superior and yet failed their supposed mission. The intervening Western troops massacred a disproportionally large number of Jews and German-speaking people, both groups associated with finances, and indigenous peoples who wanted to keep their traditional lifestyles. In other words, the intervening Western troops exterminated the strongest anti-communism in Russia.

Despite that Lenin tried to stop Stalin from rising to power, Stalin (another ruthless, power-hungry dick) still seized power upon the death of Lenin. Trotsky, whose ideas of world revolution was very inconvenient for capitalists who wanted to keep communism a deterring example at a distance, was outmanoeuvred, exiled and eventually killed in South America, a region that US agents know a lot better than their Russian counterparts.

Under Stalin, the Soviet Union were successfully industrialized despite the lack of technological know-how within the country. Obviously engineers from Western capitalist countries helped build up the Soviet industrial sector.

During the late World War II, the United States blowed up its first nukes. It was not until several years later, well into the Cold War, that the Soviet Union blowed up its first nukes. So during the early Cold War, the United States had a chance to nuke the shit out of Soviet communism. And yet they blown the opportunity. Why? Obviously because powerful forces within the United States wanted to keep Soviet communism as a “good enemy”.

During a visit to Sweden, Chrustiov was deposed from power by Brezjnev. Obviously Brezjnev needed some mighty support to dare do something like that. Obviously the West thought that Chrustiov did not do his tyrannical job sufficiently well and wanted someone to do it better.

After the death of Brezjnev, a series of short-lived leaders in the Soviet Union followed, until the relatively young (54 years, which Russian tradition considers to be too young for a leader) Gorbachev did rise to power. With what support? His glasnost program obviously served to make the atrocities committed throughout Soviet history and especially under Lenin and Stalin more well-known. That was exactly what Western capitalists wanted.

By the end of the 1980s, the atrocities in question were world famous, so there were scarcely any need for more of it. The Western capitalists then wanted to make investments and sell stuff in Russia instead, so they withdrew all support to Soviet communism, which collapsed soon thereafter.

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