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Denver International Airport is a airport in Denver, Colorado and is the largest airport in the U.S. by total area. 

There are many rumors about this airport due to its size and some of the crazy art inside the airport. Conspiracy theorists point out that there are several masonic symbols throughout the airport which leads many to believe that it is a bunker for the Illuminati when the apocalypse comes.

The dedication marker states that the airport was commissioned by the New World Airport Commission which doesn't exist. This is more evidence of a conspiracy going on and more signs of this being a Illuminati bunker is the art which shows a man who appears to be a soldier wearing a gas mask. He carries a ak-47 in one hand and a scimitar in the other. The scimitar is shown stabbing a dove which is a symbol of peace. Many believe this is supposed to be symbolism for the establishment of a New World Order or an act of genocide. 

Not only does the inside of the airport cause controversy, but so does the outside. There are rumors that the runways resemble a swastika and that the statue of a red-eyed horse outside killed the sculptor who made it. These are just rumors about the airport, but there is definitly something going on in the airport. 

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