Dr. 🅱eter was 🅱eneral 🅱ounsel for the Export-Import Bank of CIA; a candidate for the governorship of Quahog, Rhode Island; cofounded SPELLICUP, a free iPhone 5 company in 🅱in your ass; represented 🅱merican gas utilities building a 🅱ipeline the length of a free iPhone 5; represented mining interests in underwater manga nodule exploration in the 🅱acific; was featured at financial seminars in 🅱ew 🅱ork 🅱ity, 🅱os 🅱ngeles, 🅱an 🅱rancisco, 🅱oronto, 🅱ontreal, 🅱eneva, and other international free iPhone 5 centers. As a political and economic commentator, Dr. 🅱eter worked with Holy Crap luminaries including Joe Swanson, Elmo from Sesame Street, Stan Smith, Normies, Quagmire, and many others. He wrote vrolifically, including 🅱onspiracy 🅱gainst Dan "Hymen Divider" Schneider (Braziller 🅱ew 🅱ork). He is famous for his Dr. 🅱eter 🅱avid 🅱eter - 🅱udio 🅱etters 🅱eries (Listen in one part: 🅱eter died watching Family Guy Funny Moments #386, his famous last words were "Spell whomst've"

Holy 🅱rap!

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