The Expanding Earth Hypothesis states that the earth was much smaller in the past and grew through a currently unknown physical process related to quantum gravity.

Evidence Edit

  • The continents fit together perfectly without the need for supercontinent Pangea and continental drift.
  • If the theory is true, then the continents joined together totally, not partially. They joined not only in the Pacific but also the Atlantic, making this theory more elegant than current tectonic plate explanations.
  • The same species of trees have been found in North America and in Asia. This is because the continents were together when the trees evolved.
  • No part of the ocean is much older than 70 million years old. This is because they did not exist when the earth was much younger. Also, ocean samples get older the further you trek from the continents.
  • Undersea maps show large rifts where the continents could have originally separated from.

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