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Fake Moon Landings is a conspiracy theory that the moon landings were fake and that NASA had faked the 1969 landing to win the Space Race with Russia. 

There are multiple theories involving the moon landings including: that the fake moon landings were productions that were filmed in large sound stages, that the moon landings happened, but that the whole truth wasn't told about what they found up there, and that robots were actually sent and that they filmed fake moon landings to make it look like they sent astronauts to the moon.

Even though the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken photos of the Apollo landing sites and photos show most of the six flags (the Apollo 11 one blew over by the rocket exhaust in takeoff), but many still believe that the moon landings were faked. 

NASA has denied this and says that with all the rocks and particles from the moon that have been collected could not have been produced on Earth and they say that this disproves the theory.

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