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Flat Earth was a consipiracy by the Roman Catholic church in union with other European governments of the medieval times, otherwise known as the "Dark ages". The church turned this idea into a scare tactic that if you go too far, you will "fall off the edge of the Earth". This was used as propaganda in limiting expeditions from venturing too far, as there were growing fears of loosing communities to the rumored New World.

The conspiracy turned into a "theory", so that the flat earth idea continues to be promoted in the present-day with the Flat Earth society.

Flat Earth societyEdit

The Flat Earth Society continue the claim that the Earth is actually flat, not round. Mainstream communities object to their theories based on evidence from NASA, and the simple experience of sailing on the open waters. However, the Flat Earth Society claims that the United States government is hiding the "truth" on this subject.

The society claims the following "illusions":

  • The force of gravity and the Coriolis effect are caused by dark energy.
  • GPS detectors fool pilots and make them think they are flying in a straight line, when actually, they`re flying in circles.

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