Frank Olson was a U.S. military scientist who died in 1953 under mysterious circumstances. According to the "official report", he committed suicide by jumping from tenth-floor hotel room window.


Frank's son Eric has put together evidence that his father did not commit suicide, but was murdered by CIA agents convoying him at the time. Forensic scientist Prof. James E. Starrs determined in 1994 that Olson was hit on the head and pushed out of the window to his death. However, the evidence was not enough to bring charges.

Compare this case to the death of James Forrestal in a larger "containment" conspiracy.


Olson was part of the Project MKULTRA mind control development program and was dosed with LSD without knowing it (this fact was admitted by US government in 1975). This lead to a nervous breakdown, prompting him to leave the service. His death happened soon thereafter.


Olson's previous involvement with the CIA was in Germany, where he participated in the interrogation of Nazi war criminals, and bacteriologic warfare on North Korea. This was cited as motivation for the CIA to not let him leave.

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