Global Warming is propaganda used by political parties to scapegoat opposing political lines. This allows a condition for multi-national corporations to take advantage of environmentally aware people, like hiking prices on produce called "organic". Global warming is a real threat however, to the ozone layer. It's easier to blame third world countries for their emissions, rather than to take responsibility for say, nuclear testing.

Official excuses Edit

The corporations encourage the belief of "Civilian made Global Warming" so that people will think that they are harming the environment. Global Warming scam calls for the reduction of Carbon Dioxide over Nitrogen Dioxide; diverting our attention. This leads to the people buying lower Carbon footprint products so that they won't harm the environment any longer, which increases the profit of these corporations.

Nuclear testingEdit

Visit: Operation Fishbowl, Atmospheric nuclear testing

From 1945–92, 520 atmospheric nuclear explosions (including 8 underwater) have been conducted by the United States, with a total yield of 545 megatons,[1] with a peak occurring in 1961-62, when 340 megatons were detonated in the atmosphere by the United States and Soviet Union.[2] while the estimated number of underground nuclear tests conducted in the period from 1957 to 1992 is 1,352 explosions with a total yield of 90 Mt.[1]

One of the largest military nuclear testing facilities is on the island of Novaya Zemlya, where from 1955 through to 1990 the Soviet Union detonated 88 atmospheric, 29 underground, and 3 underwater nuclear devices. Dozens of civilian ‘peaceful nuclear explosions’ have also occurred in the Russian Arctic, where nuclear bombs were used into the late 1980′s for seismic studies, mining, and in attempts to extinguish oil-field fires. [3]

Weather controlEdit


The 1996 US Air Force document that forecasts "Owning the Weather in 2025"[4] would NOT rule out using Tesla and plasma technologies to increase arctic temperatures in order to disadvantage a perceived enemy. The US military’s primary objective seems to be "Full Spectrum Dominance”.[5] After all, access to Oil and Gas has been a national security priority for decades.


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