Hillary Clinton is the wife of US ex-President Bill Clinton, and is the 2016 Democratic party candidate for US President.


AL-Qaeda in Libya was funded and armed by US, to overthrow the legitimate Libyan president, Muammar Gaddafi.


Apparently, Hillary facilitated the CIA transfer of weapons from Libyan military warehouses, to Nursa Front; the allies of ISIS and so-called "Moderate Rebels".

Leaked MailsEdit

Hillary Clinton’s friend, Virginia Gov. Terry McAulliffe, made a $467,500 contribution to the state Senate campaign of an FBI deputy director’s wife while said deputy director was investigating Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server.

Lolita ExpressEdit

The Lolita Express is a private airplane, and Orgy island a private island, both owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The Clintons have flown multiple times on the Lolita express,[1] apparently to use the children at Orgy Island.[2]

FBI has re-opened the case, allegedly due to Hillary's emails being found on the laptop of the ex-husband of Hillary's assistant.[3]


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  2. Clintons maybe charged for their child-orgy escapades
  3. FBI Knows They Are About to Be Exposed By WikiLeaks

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