Illuminati (Game) is a card game based off of The Illuminatus! Trilogy and was made by Steven Jackson Games. 

The Illuminati (Game) is an extremely controversial game in the conspiracy theory community due to cards that feature subjects such as population control, the return of Jesus, and even vampires. The game has been said to predict events caused by the Illuminati before they even happen. One example is a card from 1995 that features the fall of the twin towers, but the card says that it was nuked by terrorists. One card called backlash features an African-American President of the United States having tomatoes and food thrown at him by angry Americans. Many believe that the President featured on the card is supposed to be Obama which is strange considering the card is from 2003.Some theroize the Flesh eating bacteria,A.M.A And Epidemic Disease Control center all predict the Ebola Outbreak

Here are some cards from the game:

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