Jacob Mohr, Proofs, c1910

influencing machine jakob mohr beweisse proofs ca 1910 courtesy prinzhorn collection university of heidelberg

The Influencing machine is a hypothetical concept described as a "diabolical machine", outside the technical understanding of the victim, that influences them from afar.

Air loomEdit

The most well-known example of an influencing machine is that of James Tilly Matthews who believed he was being controlled "body and mind" by a device called the "Air Loom." Matthews was a prolific writer and artist and described the "air loom" in great detail. His descriptions were published in 1810 by John Haslam entitled Illustrations of Madness

Tausk paperEdit

In 1933, psychoanalyst Viktor Tausk describes his observations of schzofrenik patients, who are almost exclusively of the male sex, profess that a machine is being operated by a group of people who are persecuting the individual.

Tausk's paper has been highly influential within both his own field of psychoanalysis and outside. It has in more recent years been used in literary theory to explain characters' de-centeredness from their surroundings and their psychical collapse into psychosis. The concept is also applied in science fiction, as that of a great alien machine taking over the human race.


Activist Jerry Mander's book, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander (1978) argues for the complete removal of television from our lives because of its ill effects. Mander gives the example of Tausk's "Influencing machine" as being a parallel for television: "Doubtless you have noticed that this 'influencing machine' sounds an awful lot like television ... In any event, there is no question that television does what the schizophrenic fantasy says it does. It places in our minds images of reality which are outside our experience. The pictures come in the form of rays from a box. They cause changes in feeling and ... utter confusion as to what is real and what is not."

Zone of FearEdit

Linda Moulton Howe Preying Mantis Aliens56:53

Linda Moulton Howe Preying Mantis Aliens

Zone of Fear; starts at (21:45) for context

Linda Moulton Howe addresses energy that broadcasts fear as a "frequency", into humans, within a context of extraterrestrial phenomenon. The phenomenon was also experienced by John Keel in the The Mothman Prophecies.


How far away is this concept from CIA programs like Project MKULTRA, Monarch Project, and Montauk Project?

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