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The Inner Earth (AKA Hollow Earth) is the interior of the planet. An astral projector named Leslee Dru Browning claims to have visited Inner Earth in her travels. She says that Telos, an ancient Lemurian City of Light, “is real and exists to this day in the physical realm, underneath Mt. Shasta.” (1)

Polar CoverupEdit

The true North and true South poles are protected by the military. A satellite once traveled to the true North Pole only to fall to the ground and get lost. It is said that the reason all satellites, including Google Earth satellites, go around the poles is to cover up the fact that each pole has an entrance to Hollow Earth. Every planet is said to have such entrances.

The best inner earth model which explains the most observed phenomena is the Complete Shell Hollow Earth Model, described in Land of No Horizon.


One insider “makes claims of having been briefed on the true nature of gravity and that gravity is not an inherent property of matter but is rather magnetic in nature and stems from the emanations of our sun. This revelation dovetails nicely with the ideas of ‘push gravity’ and removes the main argument scientists have against hollow earth.”



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