Alex Jones, the award winning radio host and winner of the nobel peace prize 10 times in a row has confirmed that no, that snail is not fast. What really happened to Turbo the snail? Did he actually win the Indy500? Does he actually have friends? Is he even still alive? The answer to all of these is no. Here's why.

One day Turbo fell into some nitrous. We were lead to believe the lies of the mainstream media but the truth is that Turbo died soon after that. The movie is from the point of view of Turbo and we are dragged along into Turbo's trippy dreams that were brought about by the combination of the nitrous going to his brain and the lack of oxygen. Turbo dreamed of a mystical world where a snail was actually fast and won the Indy500. In reality, he died a few seconds after he fell in the nitrous. His brother looked for him desperately and couldn't find him. He became very sad and spent the rest of his life working in an office cubicle until he died of natural causes later on. Turbo never actually rocked the world with his speed and the catchy song The Snail Is Fast was never a hit. The truth is Turbo's story was a media cover up. On July 17, 2013, the movie Turbo came out but another much more dark event was happening. Cuba admitted that they gave old weapons of theirs to North Korea. This story was one that the globalists had to keep out of the news. Tensions with other countries make the globalists look weak. They had to shut it down and fast. The solution: Turbo. A fun little nitrous trip about a charming little snail. The people never heard about the Cuba weapons story until today. Get the truth out into the public. Turbo is no more than a cover up. The Clintons are probably behind this one too since their globalist agenda would encounter problems were the people to know about this.

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