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A society known as "The Flat Earth Society" says so. According to the group, they say that the Earth is acctualy flat, not round. But the public denies their theories, as most will believe that the world is round, as proof from NASA. However, the Flat Earth Society claims that the government is hiding the truth, leading us to the question:Is the Earth really flat?


Ancient TimesEdit

Back then, everyone believes that the world is flat, and if you sail too far or dig too deep, you`ll fall into the void. This was until sailors prooved this myth false. But the society doesn`t care about that the eath is round


Such things on earth are said to be illusions as claimed by the society. These include:

  • The force of gravity and the Coriolis effect are caused by dark energy.
  • GPS detectors fool pilots and make them think they are flying in a straight line, when actually, they`re flying in circles.

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