Flat Earth was a conspiracy by the Roman Catholic church in union with other European governments of the medieval times, otherwise known as the "Dark ages". The church turned this idea into a scare tactic that if you go too far, you will "fall off the edge of the Earth". This was used as propaganda in limiting expeditions from venturing too far, as there were growing fears of loosing communities to the rumored New World.

The conspiracy turned into a "theory", so that the flat earth idea continues to be promoted in the present-day with the Flat Earth society.

Flat Earth societyEdit

Time travelEdit

A hypothetical phenomenon that occurs during space-time travel where the Earth appears flat, on a seemingly two dimensional plane. The Earth plane then folds, so as to allow a hypothetical time traveler to either reach an opposite point on the Earth, or an opposite time period. Pilots who have experienced flat Earth phenomena may have actually been time jumping, or teleporting, unaware of what was happening, in particular at suspected wormhole points on the Earth.

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