Jesus Was Married is a theory that Jesus Christ was actually married. The theory started when a document was found called The Gospel of Philip. The document states that Jesus preferred the companionship of Mary Magdalene over any of the other disciples and that he would kiss Mary on the mouth.

Many believe that the two were secretly married which goes against what the Bible says about Jesus which has lead to much debate between Christians and those who believe this theory. This theory has become popular more recently and was featured in the book called The Da vinci Code. In the book the Opus Dei had been protecting the secret that Jesus was married and had a daughter.

There are gaps in the papyrus paper of which the gospel is on. It never states Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene on the mouth. It just says he kissed her which means it might not have been sexual. The book never states that the two were married and this has yet to be proven, but the theory still has many believers.

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