If one looks at a list of the tallest man-made objects in Europe, then is noticeable that formed Western Europe before end of the cold war there are except Belmont TV mast in Donington on Bain in UK, Torreta de Guardamar in Spain, Gerbrandytoren in the Netherlands, whose height decreased since its completition of 15.7 metres, the radio mast of Emley Moor, which collapsed in 1969 and was replaced by a concrete TV tower and the long wave radio mast in Hellissandur on Iceland no man-made objects, which are taller than 1200 foot (365.25 meters). All these objects have in common that they were built before 1965! Since then in Western Europe no object taller than 1200 foot (365.25 meters) was built, although Western Europe ranked belongs to the richest regions of the world!

For this circumstance may be a secret agreement of the NATO be responsible, which instructs the states of Western Europe, not to give permissions for the structures, which are talling than 1200 foot (365.25 meters)? For the existence of a such agreement speaks the circumstance that there is since 1963 a law, which forbids generally the erectios of man-made structures pf any kind taller than 628.8 metres. Why should not exist a similia regulation in Western Europe?

For the possible existence of a such an agreement speaks the circumstance that one wanted to build for the Deutschlandfunk transmitter in Donebach in 1982 according two 490 meters tall masts, but than as one received for such masts no construction license by the air traffic control, built two 363 meters tall masts. A request to the DFS led to the result that there is no official law, which prohibits the erection of permanent man-made objects taller than 1200 feet (> 365.25 meters) in Western Europe. There could be however a unofficial regulations in the context of the NATO statute, in which the appropriate authorities of the states of Europe are advised, not to allow the erection of new structures with heights over 1200 foot (> To reject 365.25 meters) in principle. Remarkable is in this content also that the 385 meters high TV mast in Emley Moor, Great Britain, which was built in 1964, was replaced after its collapse of icing on March 19th, 1969 by a just 330 meter high free standing concrete tower. Why was the new concrete tower not built just as highly (or more highly) than as the former mast? A low antenna worsens the television supply at the peripheral areas of the supply area! Completely simply! Because one was not allowed to built at the end of the 60's with a height of more than 365.25 meters!

The 412 meters tall radio mast in Hellissandur was until the beginning of the 90's a part of the North Atlantic LORAN C chain to which also the LORAN C transmitter on Rantum in Sylt belonged. Both stations were LORAN-C Secondaries. But why one was content in Germany with a mast with a height of just 190 meters? A 400 meters tall radio mast on Sylt would have served its task for the radiation of the extremely wide-band (bandwidth 20 kHz, for comparison: the bandwidth of longwave transmitters is 9kHz) of LORAN C signal on the transmitter frequency 100 kHz with a transmitting power of 300kW, lain below the longwave broadcasting band, certainly better done!

In Eastern Europe (outside the former Soviet Union) it might have existed a similar regulation in the context o the Warsaw Pact, in which the appropriate states were instructed, not to allow the erection of permanent man-made structures taller than 1200 ft (365.25 meters). With exception of Poland, where in 1974 a 646 meter high radio mast for longwave broadcasting was built, also in Eastern Europe (outside the former Sowjet Union) no structures taller than 1200 foot (365.25 meters) were built (Berlin TV tower until 1997 365 metres and not 368 meters high).

On the other hand one could interpret the erection of the 646.38 meters tall radio mast in Gabin as heavy offence against the advice of Warsaw Pact not to allow the erection of permanent structures taller than 1200 foot (365.25 meters). As a consequence of this in context of the RGW economic sanctions were hang against Poland, which led after 1980 to strong bottlenecks in this country?

Interestingly in recent years the height of once tallest structures in the European Union were lowered, so today the tallest structure in European Union is Torreta de Guardamar, a military radio mast in Spain.

List of architectural structures in Europe taller than 350 metresEdit

Name Structural type Usage Pinnacle height Year Country Town Remarks
Konstantynow Radio Mastguyed mastlongwave broadcasting646 m (2,119 ft)1974PolandGabin-Konstantynów, Masovian Voivodeshipcollapsed on August 8, 1991 during guy wire exchange, insulated against ground
Ostankino Towerconcrete towerobservation, FM-/TV-transmission540 m (1,772 ft)1967Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Moscow2000 Fire led to renovation
Troll A platformoffshore platformOil drilling472 m (1,549 ft)1996NorwayNorth Sea303 meters of height is below sea surface
Dudinka CHAYKA-Mastguyed mastlongwave transmission462 m (1,516 ft)?Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)DudinkaGuyed grounded lattice steel mast equipped with a cage antenna, which was used for transmitting CHAYKA-navigation signals on 100 kHz.
Taymylyr CHAYKA-Mastguyed mastlongwave transmission462 m (1,516 ft)?Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)TaymylyrGuyed grounded lattice steel mast equipped with a cage antenna, which was used for transmitting CHAYKA-navigation signals on 100 kHz. After shutdown demolished on September 24th, 2009 by explosives.
Inta CHAYKA-Mastguyed mastlongwave transmission460 m (1,509 ft)?Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)IntaGuyed grounded lattice steel mast equipped with a cage antenna, which was used for transmitting CHAYKA-navigation signals on 100 kHz.
Central tower of Imeretinskaya VLF-transmitterguyed mastlongwave transmission425 m (1,394 ft)?Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Imeretinskaya .
Gufuskálarguyed mastlongwave transmission412 m (1,352 ft)1963 Iceland Hellissanduruntil mid-1990s used for LORAN-C-transmission, now used for longwave broadcasting of Icelandic Broadcasting Company (Riksutvarpid), insulated against ground
Emley Moor TV Mastguyed mastFM-/TV-transmission385 m (1,263 ft)1964United KingdomEmley Moor, YorkshireCollapsed on March 19th, 1969, because of icing, replaced by 330 metre tall concrete tower on same site
Kiev TV Towerlattice towerFM-/TV-transmission385 m (1,263 ft)1973Ukraine (Soviet Union at time of construction)KievTallest lattice tower in the world
Gerbrandy Towerpartially guyed towerFM-/TV-transmission382.5 m (1,255 ft)1961NetherlandsLopikOriginal height: 382.5 metres. 1987: height reduction to 375 metres. Further height reduction to 366.8 metres on August 2nd 2007
Gullfaks Coffshore platformOil drilling380 m (1,247 ft)1990NorwayNorth Sea217 meters of height is below sea surface
Torreta de Guardamarguyed mastLF-transmission370 m (1,214 ft)1962SpainGuardamar del Seguraradio mast used by US-military, actually tallest structure in the EU
Riga Radio and TV Towerconcrete towerobservation, FM-/TV-transmission368 m (1,207 ft)1987Latvia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Rigatripod construction, resembling to Eiffel Tower
Berlin TV Towerconcrete towerobservation, FM-/TV-transmission368 m (1,207 ft)1969Germany (GDR at time of construction)Berlinwas 362 metre tall, when completed in 1969
Skelton transmitterguyed mastVLF-transmission365 m (1,198 ft)2001UKSkelton, Cumbriainsulated against ground
Trbovlje Chimneyconcrete towerchimney364 m (1,194 ft)1976Slovenia(Yugoslavia at time of construction)Trbovljetallest chimney in Europe
Donebach transmitter2 guyed mastslongwave transmission363 m (1,191 ft)1982Germany (West Germany)
Piecewo TV MastGuyed mastFM-/TV-transmission360 m (1,181 ft)1969PolandOlsztynsince collapse of Konstantynow Radio Mast tallest man-made object in Poland
Donetsk TV Mastguyed mastFM-/TV-transmission360 m (1,181 ft)1992UkraineDonetsk
Novosokolniki TV MastGuyed mastFM-/TV-transmission360 m (1,181 ft)1995RussiaNovosokolniki
Ingoy longwave transmitterguyed mastlongwave transmission360 m (1,181 ft)2000NorwayIngoygrounded, upfed
Sender Zehlendorf, new longwave transmission mastguyed mastlongwave /FM-transmission360 m (1,181 ft)1979Germany (GDR at time of construction)Zehlendorf bei Oranienburg, Brandenburggrounded structure with cage antenna
Berlin-Frohnau Radio Relay Link Mastguyed mastdirectional radio link360 m (1,181 ft)1978Germany (West Germany at time of construction)Berlin-Frohnau, Berlinused for a radio link to Gartow, demolished on February 9th, 2009 by explosives
Endesa Termicconcrete towerchimney356 m (1,168 ft)1974PortugalAs Pontes, Galicia
FM- and TV-mast Kosztowyguyed mastFM-/TV-transmission355 m (1,165 ft)1976PolandKosztowy
RKS Liblice 22 guyed mastsFM-/TV-transmissions355 m (1,165 ft)1980Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia at time of construction)Liblice, Ceský Brodtallest masts used for mediumwave broadcasting, grounded structures with cage antennas
Straseni TV Mastguyed mastFM-/TV-transmission355 m (1,165 ft)1985MoldovaStraseni
Lipetsk TV Mastguyed mastFM-/TV-transmission354.6 m (1,163 ft)1991RussiaLipetsk
Vinnytsia TV Mastguyed mastFM-/TV-transmission354 m (1,161 ft)1961Ukraine (Soviet Union at time of construction)Vinnytsia
Sosnovy Longwave Radio Mastguyed mastLF-transmission353.5 m (1,160 ft)?Belarus (Soviet Union at time of construction)Sosnovy
VLF transmitter DHO388 guyed mastsVLF-transmission353 m (1,158 ft)1982Germany (West Germany at time of construction))Saterland-Ramsloh, Lower Saxonyinsulated against ground
Chimney of Phoenix Copper Smelterconcrete towerchimney352 m (1,155 ft)?RomaniaBaia Mare
Belmont TV mastguyed mastFM-/TV-transmission351.5 m (1,153 ft)1965United KingdomDonington on Bain, LincolnshireHeight originally 387.5 metres. Height reduction between October 2009 and April 2010 in the course of Digital Switchover.
Sender Zehlendorf, old longwave transmission mastguyed mast longwave transmission351 m (1,152 ft)1962Germany (GDR at time of construction)Zehlendorf bei Oranienburg, Brandenburggrounded structure with cage antenna, destroyed on May 18th, 1978 at aircraft collision
Longwave transmitter Allouisguyed mastslongwave transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1974FranceAllouisfirst mast built in 1952 was until 1974 308 metres tall, second mast built in 1974
Sendemast SL3guyed mastlongwave transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1968Germany (GDR at time of construction)Burg bei Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhaltcollapsed on February 18, 1976
Mosolovo TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1968Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Mosolovo
Kolodischi TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1970Belarus (Soviet Union at time of construction)Minsk
Lipin Bor TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1970Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Lipin Bor
Grigoriopol transmitter, large mediumwave mastguyed mastMW-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)?Moldova (Soviet Union at time of construction)Mayakcollapsed in 1997
Selizharovo TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1971Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Selizharovo
Pinerovka TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1971Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Pinerovka
Ushachi TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1974Belarus (Soviet Union at time of construction)Ushachi
Yershov TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1974Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Yershov
Tula TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1975/76Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Tula
Novo-Bykovo TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1977Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Vladimir
Rodniki TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1977Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Rodniki
Volga TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1978Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Rybinsk
Kanevskaya TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1979Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Kanevskaya
Stavropol TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1979Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Stavropol
Livny TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1979?Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Livny
Sovetsky TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1984Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Sovetsky, Mari El Republic
Smogiri TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1986Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Smolensk
Varaksino TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1988Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Izhevsk
Tsivilsk TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)1990Russia (Soviet Union at time of construction)Tsivilsk
Galich TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)?RussiaGalich
Surgut TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)?RussiaSurgut
Polykovichi TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)?BelarusMahilyow/Polykovichi
Novaya Strazha TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)?BelarusSlonim
Smetanichi TV Mastguyed mastUHF/VHF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)?BelarusSmetanichi
HWU transmitterguyed mastVLF-transmission350 m (1,148 ft)?FranceRosnaymultiple masts