If the media that reports about Turkey's proposed abolition of its national minimum age for sex were really worried about Turkey becoming a haven for pedophiles, it would have made much more sense if they shut up about it to minimize the number of "sex tourists". It is obvious that they have completely different motifs for reporting about it.

Giving so much attention to Turkey is odd, since there are already large differences in ages of consent between countries. Some Muslim countries already have minimum ages as low as 9 years. That means that even without a Turkish change in legislation, any real pedophile would already have found it much easier to emigrate than to change laws. That difference in difficulty means that there is no reason to assume that people who advocate lowering or abolishing ages of consent are pedophiles at all.

The true motif for the odd media coverage may well be to deter clear-minded people who have already expressed their awareness of the difference in difficulty as criticism of assumptions of motifs from visiting certain places in Turkey. There are archaeological locales in Turkey that challenges and sometimes even falsifies mainstream views of the origin of civilization that are often used to justify the state, such as Göbekli Tepe and Çatalhöyük. Governments have every reason to keep clear-minded critics from visiting these places. The risk of being accused of pedophilia can be such a method applied by governments.

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