The Men in Black (MIB) are government agents who dress in black suits and are responsible for making sure that those who have seen ufos or anything else extraterrestrial related stay quiet. 

Wherever something strange has happened the Men in Black will be there. Many ufo witnesses claim to have been harassed by Men in Black including: John Keel, Albert Bender, and Harold Dahl. 

Encounters Edit

Every MIB encounter is different. Keel's encounter described them as "demonic supernaturals" and that they had dark skin and exotic facial features. 

Different levels and types Edit

There are many types of men in black.

  • Human
  • Alien
  • Half human and half alien.
  • Human Clones
  • Android

Shut up my dudes

Powers reported.Edit

  • Teleportation. They have been seen teleporting in and out of places. They can also teleport their cars.
  • Invisiblity. They can make them selves and their cars invisible.
  • Energy drain.
  • Mind reading.
  • Telekinesis.

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