Metus is a mysterious figure who has been linked to many historical events and legends. He is most likely an immortal or monster of some sort.


  • He appeared at the assassination of Julius Caesar.
  • He encountered a young Jesus.
  • He was a friend of Caligula.
  • He established himself as the ruler of a small village in France. circa 200 A.D.
  • He went on a homicidal rampage through Europe. circa 412 A.D.
  • He fought in the Crusades. All of them.
  • He moved to Roanoke. He is believed to be responsible for the disappearance of the colony.
  • He moved back to France. Befriended Julie d'Aubigny.
  • He fought in the American Revolution.
  • He fought in the Civil War.


  • The Once-Dead King
  • The Decapitare
  • The Eater of Hearts
  • The Red Man
  • The Black Lord
  • The Corpse King
  • Francios du Pointe du Lac
  • Kurent
  • Draugr
  • Iblis

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