Microsoft's Legacy of Transgressions

Microsoft has tried various ways to get to the #1 spot.

‘Cloud’ Users Spied on Through Windows Azure

Microsoft's Jihad against Open SourceEdit

email from Bill Gates: Where are we on this Jihad ?[1]

First Microsoft called Open Source Software with names like "Cancer". When that didn't work, Microsoft tried to insert it's Jihad personnel into Open Source foundations, and subvert from inside.

Microsoft tried to destroy Java programming language by subverting Sun Microsystems.[2] Sun Microsystems sold Java and MySql to Oracle, and closed itself down.

Nokia Mobile division has already been subverted and sold to Microsoft, by Microsoft Executive 'Jihadist', Stephen Elop.

Microsoft affiliated journalists are 'Google bombing' Windows as Open Source software, in order to subvert React OS, the project to create an Open Source Windows-Binary compatible Operating System.

Microsoft tries ScammingEdit

Free Windows offer scamEdit

After the Windows Vista fiasco, Microsoft offered 'Free' Windows 7 to Vista users, except it cost ' shipping & handling ' charges  in half the cases.[3]

Windows RT scams & product returnsEdit

First Microsoft tried to sell it's ARM Architecture(Windows RT) products as authentic Windows(x86) computers. Microsoft did this by naming both it's ARM & x86 products as "Surface with Windows RT" and "Surface with Windows 8". And to add to the confusion, Microsoft announced that Windows RT is an edition of Windows 8. Needless to say, there were blogs calling out Microsoft for it's mislabeling, along with thousands of product returns,[4] as programs built for X86 architecture can't run on ARM architecture.

Windows store scamsEdit

Microsoft is also allowing Paid Fake applications on it's Windows store.[5]

Office 365 subscription scamEdit

Microsoft announced in October 2014, that its Office 365 subscribers, both consumer and business, would get unlimited OneDrive storage. But now, a year later, Microsoft has limited it's OneDrive storage for Office 365 subscribers to 1 TB.[6]

Microsoft tries SpammingEdit

Microsoft tried spamming WeChat.[7] As a result, 100,000 Microsoft Spambot profiles were banned on WeChat.[8]

Microsoft tries AdwareEdit

Microsoft has been using Adware to promote the next version of it's operating system, Windows 10. According to reports, this Adware is installed on your Windows PC through Microsoft's Windows update system.[9]

Microsoft is now spamming Windows 10 Chrome browser users with a Microsoft shopping app[10]

Microsoft tries SpywareEdit

Microsoft Internet Explorer allows advertisers to record your mouse movement[11]

Windows 10 records your key strokes, and transmits your usage data to Microsoft.[12] See Windows 10: User betrayal for more information on this.

Microsoft tries BlackmailEdit

Microsoft has threatened UK ministers of closing down Microsoft research labs in their constituencies,[13] multiple times.

People are refusing to buy into the closed source ecosystem, by buying open Android devices. So Microsoft has been Blackmailing (through patent litigation)[14] and bribing (through venture funding)[15] various companies to add Microsoft Bundleware to their Android devices.

  • CyanogenMod
  • Samsung
  • Dell
  • Axdia International GMBH – Germany
  • Cube – China
  • DL – Brazil
  • General Procurement – United States
  • Grupo Nucleo – Argentina
  • Haier – China
  • Inco – Mexico
  • Ionik GBMH – Germany
  • Iview – United States and Latam
  • Multilaser – Brazil
  • Noblex – Argentina
  • Pacific (Vulcan) – Mexico
  • Philco – Argentina
  • Positivo – Brazil
  • Prestigio – Cyprus
  • Teclast – China
  • TMAX Digital – North America
  • Wortmann – Germany

Microsoft bundleware Installation would have been just business as usual, except Microsoft has a revolving door with the largest Espionage "Special Interests" Lobby in the World, the NSA. This essentially turns Internet Apps from Microsoft, like OneDrive, Skype, Lync, Office 365 into 'potential' Spyware.

Microsoft tries Espionage, through NSAEdit

Initially, Microsoft reported back doors for it's Windows operating system to NSA.[16] But that wasn't enough, because users switched to Linux to avoid being tracked by Microsoft and the NSA. So, Microsoft and it's allies(Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel) created a new consortium, the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) and a firmware based back door, the Trusted Platform Module(TPM). But what is a computing platform without hardware manufacturers ? So Microsoft and it's allies created a new consortium, the Trusted Computing Group, which other companies were bribed/bullied/blackmailed into joining/adopting. A new type of API was developed for motherboards to implement the TPM, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

UEFI requires an operating system to be authorized by Microsoft to boot up. Any operating system not authorized by Microsoft will not boot in a UEFI enabled hardware. Recent developments show that Microsoft, NSA, and Hackers[17] have total control of your Windows computer with UEFI[18] !

PRISM has shown us that Microsoft is not just complying with the NSA; Microsoft is leading the NSA towards a state of mass surveillance


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