The Nehru–Gandhi family is a political dynasty, that has been dominant in Indian politics through the Indian National Congress party for almost the entirety of India's history since independence. The surname "Gandhi" comes from Feroze Khan changing his surname to Gandhi after marriage with Indra Nehru. Having it's roots in the Mughal empire, this dynasty has manipulated Indian public opinion through name changes, censorship, and lies.

The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty starts with the Mughal man named Ghiyasuddin Ghazi (word means "kafir-killer"). He was the Delhi City Kotwal (police officer) prior to the uprising of 1857, in the Mughal empire. After the uprising of 1857, British were slaughtering Mughals, to eliminate any chance of Mughal ascendancy to the throne. In fear of execution, Ghiyasuddin Ghazi took up a new name: Gangadhar Nehru. And so the Nehru dynasty started...

Moti Lal Nehru was the son of Gangadhar Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru was the grandson of Gangadhar Nehru.


Kashmir mess, 1962 humiliation by CHINA, Loss of UN seat to CHINA (Nehru rejected US offer), License Raj(permissions Beareaucracy) and the corruption of private enterprise and INDIA economy

  • INDIRA Gandhi

1969 -- Destruction of original congress party that fought for india independence, Encourage sycophancy and make them ministers, 1971 - Emergency -- attempts to destroy democracy, massacare of Sikhs ,Take license raj to next level and destroy private enterprise,INDIA economy grew only 3% during INDIRA, while fellow asian countries grew by 10%

  • RAJIV Gandhi

Bofors scam and looting of public money, Pseudo secularism and Shah bano case ,Indian peace keeping force mess in Lanka, Wasteful public spending and did NOT take any steps to reform economy which culiminated in 1991 crisis

  • SONIA Gandhi - Edvige Antonia Albina Maino

Rule INDIA by proxy, Scuttle NEXT generation economic reforms , Encourage sycophancy and dynasty politics. Populist policies just to get votes

  • RAHUL Gandhi - Raul Vinci

I would go to the length of giving the whole congress a decent burial, rather than put up with the corruption that is rampant."

-- Mahatma Gandhi, May 1939

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