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The Puppeteers want US Dollars to be the default trade currency, instead of Gold. To make this happen, after WW2, Middle east countries were forcefully coerced to trade Petroleum Oil in US Dollars. This made every country buy US Dollars to purchase Petroleum. This, in effect, increased the value of US Dollars, and made it the default trade currency.

This theory relies on two facts:

  • Enforcement of US dependency on petroleum
  • Enforcement of Worldwide Petroleum sale in US Dollars

US dependency on petroleumEdit

Any organization challenging national dependency on Petroleum will be shutdown.

Worldwide Petroleum sale in US DollarsEdit

Any country selling petroleum in another currency will be attacked and destroyed

Any threat to the monopoly of US Dollars is dealt with, from behind the scenes. Bin Ladin wanted to cut the connection between Soudi Arabia and USA, he is dead. Gadafi wanted to trade in African Gold coins, he is dead. [1]


  1. The Road to World War 3

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