Roswell commonly refers to the Roswell UFO incident in July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. The US government allegedly used human test subjects for extreme high altitude experimentation, under the guidance of Operation Paperclip experts. These experiments served the aerodynamic-space program during the Space race, for the establishment of NASA in 1958. The US government spun the extraterrestrial hypothesis to cover up crimes against humanity.

Human experimentationEdit

Researcher Nick Redfern, author of The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing A Shocking And Sinister Secret, explains that the Roswell crash of 1947, involved a dark and sinister secret that had to be covered up at all costs, regarding human experimentation. In 2001, Redfern interviewed an elderly woman who had worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, who said that just following WWII, she saw human "guinea pigs" including Japanese people, the handicapped, and prisoners that were involved in aerial experiments. Through her testimony, and other witnesses he's spoken with in the ensuing years, Redfern has pieced together that the so-called "aliens" found in the Roswell crash, were likely these humans deemed expendable by the government, who were used to test out the rigors of high altitude exposure.[1]

Test subjectsEdit

The experiments reportedly used technologies brought over from Japan and Germany using gigantic balloons with attached gondolas that contained the test subjects. The cause of the night flight disaster in July, 1947 may have been that the balloon collided with the craft that was accompanying it, which led to the balloon exploding and raining down a large amount of tin foil-like debris over Mac Brazel's ranch, and that the second crash site contained heavier debris from the craft itself. According to Redfern's report, Brazel had seen two previous balloons come down on his ranch. The hieroglyphics that some witnesses reported seeing, on the beams in the debris, were likely Japanese inscriptions. Redfern will be giving a presentation on this topic at the Roswell UFO Festival in July 2017.[1]


The US government tactically disseminated disinformation[1] starting with the first report on July 8, 1947, from Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) public information officer Walter Haut, who issued a press release stating that: personnel from the 509th Operations Group had recovered a "flying disc", which had crashed on a ranch near Roswell. The next day, the US military clarified that the crash was merely a conventional weather balloon.[2] This helped to stimulate conspiracy theories in an alternative direction, so as to blame "aliens" rather than to discover black projects involving human experimentation. Tools for disinformation were people like Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso who was authorized to release The Day After Roswell, which helped to spin the extraterrestrial phenomena. Also Wernher Von Braun who is said to have disclosed eye-witness accounts of extraterrestrials, at the Roswell crash, to former ScO, Clark C. McClelland.[3] These were all avenues of disinformation to further conceal crimes against humanity that were allegedly conducted by the US government.


Linda Moulton Howe vouches for the book, The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso as a source of authority on the UFO mystery surrounding Roswell, which she claims verifies extraterrestrial presence.[4]

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