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The Secret Space Program (SSP) is the Cabal’s biggest secret. David Wilcock says that all SSP members must read and understand the first volume of the Law of One before going any further in the program.


Solar WardenEdit

Established early and is the most aging fleet (Though it has gone through many upgrades over the decades. They have a R&D/Scientific focused fleet and a Military Offensive/Defensive focused fleet that is mainly focused on policing the Solar System and surrounding Star Clusters and keeping track of “Intruders” and “Visitors” as well as locate and remove unauthorized “Visitors” on the Earth and other planetary bodies.

They are mostly kept to our solar system, and they maintain security here. They have recently been given advanced defensive technology by the Sphere Alliance to offset the prior technological advantage of the Cabal.

There are many different classes and sizes of craft in this program alone. They have more than eight cigar-shaped spacecraft, ranging from 200m to 1mi. in length. They were designed to carry other crafts in the general shape of the TR-3B, extremely outdated tech, and to carry a large compliment of crew for an extended period of time and travel to other star systems. Most of them have completely modular cabins that pilots can fly and dock into the fuselage of the craft they will be piloting. Most of the crafts are triangle or chevron-shaped.jkjjjjj

Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC)Edit

Focused mainly on development and aquisition of technology by any means. Develop and Produce Technology for Commerce with Earth and Off World Groups in a Barter System and left nothing off the table that they were willing to trade. Very powerful, very classified, and Always had all of the latest technology and “Toys” at their disposal.

They hoard most of the highly advanced tech. It is a huge industry with a huge infrastructure in space that produces extremely high technology for Human Breakaway Civilizations and civilizations from other star systems. There is also a huge barter system in which human trafficking/trading happens in order to acquire new technologies to engineer and produce for our breakaway civilizations and to trade under treaties with other civilizations. They can also receive biological materials in exchange. Even “missing” artwork has been traded off for this purpose.

They recruit new talent by giving false promises of a utopian-like living conditions. They are made to feel very special. They are “saving the human race and their families” by moving to a colony on Mars or elsewhere. Security then recruits each family to a 8x10 room. They are then given their “assigned work duties.” Children there are set up in arranged marriages. At this point, they become slave labor and prisoners. These people are used in human trafficking.

When these colonies were first established, they were done so in a fascist way to prevent a repeat of the “13 Colonies Rebellion.”

Dark FleetEdit


Rendition of Dark Fleet base

Worked almost entirely outside the Solar System. They are very martial and offensive. They are extremely classified above the others and were large fleets (Similar looking Carrier Craft that looked like the Star Wars Wedge Shaped craft in the movies). They worked along side the Draco Alliance and are speculated to fight along side them in their affairs in other systems.

Global Galactic League of NationsEdit

This is a NATO type SSP. “Apparently this was the one where I arrived and all of the people were relaxed in another Solar System and were from MANY different countries. There were literally more flags on their shoulders than I could identify (countries like Estonia etc).” This group was based almost entirely outside of the Solar System and was a relatively newer SSP that was created for all countries to participate in, have exchange of information and technology and to encourage the countries to keep silent on the SSP Programs.

Military FactionEdit

Various Special Access Program SSP’s that were small usually had the newer technology. They are very secretive and worked for some of the Secret Earth Governments, Syndicates, and World Military Forces (there could be several independent groups in this category). It acts as logistical support for these other factions.

Ancient SSP’sEdit

Some ancient SSP breakaways had presented themselves as gods to less-developed civilizations.

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