Skull and Bones is an secret society at Yale University. Skull and Bones mainly consists of students at Yale.

Skull and Bones first founded in 1832 and it is still around to this day. Women were able to join in the 90's and now the society selects fifteen men and fifteen women to join. This selection is known as tapping and is done on day called Tap Day. 

The members of Skull and Bones are known as Bonesmen and was mostly white males until women and african-american men were allowed. 


There are many rumors and theories about Skull and Bones including: That it is a branch of the Illuminati, another says that it is part of a globalist conspiracy to rule the world, and there is a theory that it controls the CIA.

Skull and Bones is so secret that George W. Bush says in his autobiography that in his senior year he joined a secret society called Skull and Bones that was so secret that he couldn't say any more. John Kerry was once asked what it meant that him and Bush were both bonesmen. He said "Not much, because it's a secret".

Much of the controversy comes from the number 322 which is usually associated with the society. Many believe that this number has a occult or satanic meaning and some believe that it refers to the year of the death of Demosthenes and that the goddess Eulogia went to the heavens and didn't come back until 1832 (the same year the society was founded) and that she resides in the tomb of Skull and Bones. The society is said to worship her and that they steal things and bring it to her. That is the supposed meaning of the number 322, but this is not confirmed.

Known BonesmenEdit

George H.W. Bush

George W. Bush

Paul Giamatti

John Kerry

Frederick W. Smith

Rick Sanchez

Austan Goolsbee

William F. Buckley Jnr

Dana Milbank

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