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Not to be confused with the 1978 Fort Meade RV project

Stargate, is a vortal teleportation / time travel stage used by DARPA, under the direction of the CIA, in the US government.


Under the Richard Nixon administration, DARPA discovered time travel through Project Pegasus. In 1970, DARPA took an interest in Howard Hughes to help invest in the advancing of time travel with the creation of a large black time-gate. Andrew Basiago referred to it as a "stargate". It was finally built in 1972. Under the Jimmy Carter administration, the project was masked by calling a Remote viewing program at Fort Meade, "Stargate Project". Meanwhile at DARPA, behind the scenes, out of the world's view, the Americans, and possibly with unified Soviets, conducted numerous teleportation jumps to Mars throughout the 1980s.

Vorta teleportationEdit

See also: Tesla's X-ray experimentation
See also: Tesla's theoretical physics

Vorta teleportation, or "Tesla teleportation" is a term used by Andrew Basiago to describe the type of teleportation that the Stargate uses. His reference to "Tesla" is a wink to Nikola Tesla (d.1943) for his research in the most important component that makes teleportation and time travel possible: "radiant energy" (Compare: Memorandum 6751, Line 7, "{radiant energy"). Tesla believed the 19th century concept that an all pervasive "ether" transmits electrical energy.[1] If this theory is true, the same "ether" can transmit "radiant energy" (Compare: Memorandum 6751, Line 7, "etheric").

Missions to MarsEdit


Methods of cover-upEdit

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