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There are weird things about mainstream genetics that does not quite add up. Maybe it is hoaxed for political purposes.

From 48 to 46Edit

Great Apes are claimed to have 48 chromosomes. In the past it was also assumed that humans had 48, but by the end of World War II the number was officially changed to 46 (23 pairs). Considering that they could "accurately" count the number of chromosomes in Great Apes even earlier, they should have done the same with humans. If technology was the problem, ape samples would have suffered from the same problem. Human samples are (and were) more abundant than Great Ape samples, so the mainstream historical version that they analyzed apes first and assumed that the same number was the case for humans, is absurd. Something strange is going on here.

Cyclical rearrangementEdit

Even mainstream textbooks state that the genetic material is not arranged into proper chromosomes all the time, which makes the official claims of chromosome numbers very, very difficult to test. What if the supposedly "haphazard" genetic mess between the moments with the "right" chromosome number is not haphazard at all, but instead part of a natural cycle where the genetic structure varies? That makes all "chromosome numbers" whether "species-specific" or "individual" completely arbitrary and dependent on the method and timing of measurement. In other words, the cycle of variation means that any chromosome count can be assigned to any genome, depending on when you look at it, so governments can decide what number of chromosomes you have and there is no way to disprove them no matter what number of chromosomes they decided.

Why the hoax?Edit

But why was the myth of species-specific chromosome numbers made up at the end of World War II? Well, that was when globalization was starting and racism was falling into disfavor. The old myths of essentialistic humanness was thus crumbling, and bureaucracy needed new ones to maintain their legalistic definition society. This is most likely the same reason as why they cover up bigfoot.

DNA testing of criminals?!Edit

Anyone can do a fingerprint test at home. That makes it easy for anyone to test if they were done correctly or hoaxed. By contrast, DNA testing is difficult and can only be done in labs. Even "personal" DNA testing kits are for sending samples to labs and get the results returned. Who knows what governments and intelligence agencies tells the lab personnel to do when the customers are not watching? The use of unverifiable "evidence" in trials gives governments and intelligence agencies opportunities to hoax evidence that inconvenient individuals have committed serious crimes, see also sick law conspiracy.

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