Beginning And Current Life Edit

Nerf football

It all started in the summer of '15 when the mild mannered, though socially awkward Landon Hjerpe, developed a disturbing, and evil alter ego, Lil' Ness, people were frightened by him, for if they looked inside his Ness-Edge, they would mercilessly be turned to Billy Mays, and subsequently a servant for his evil deeds, selling Oxyclean as Anthony Sullivan, with each sales pitch and before and after video made, Lil' Ness' power only became greater, further corrupting him and advancing his fanatical obsession with Mr. Ness. Lil' Ness' minions also make Oxyclean as a front for smuggling Mexican-Ukranian illegal immigrants through Trumps Wall, and making illegal knockoff Nerf-football Air-Nesses™. Currently, he is masterminding a plan to become annoying as possible to be harmed by others, and engaging insurance fraud when being retaliated towards. His arch-nemesis to stop his evil deeds is Mr. Ness Also, a disturbing find showed that his knockoff Nerf Football shoes contain trace amounts of cancer in each pair. The NessDA is currently investigating this health matter, though Lil' Ness continues to sell this to unfortunate goodwill and homeless people

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