A long time ago, a baby was born. This baby grew, but not that much. He was made with the body of Mini-me and the face of Iggy Pop. As this child grew, he developed an extensive career in acting. He was a munchkin in "Oz the Great and Powerful". He was also a oompa-loompa in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". His most renowned performance is as Tyrion Lannister in "Game of Thrones". Though, his acting career still goes on, he has taken another identity with the alias "Cody Livingston". He has enrolled in the CAT Program at Lakewood High School. Although he is loved by most watchers of his works, so far, his teachers have despised him. Being a very witty and funny person, he couldn't stop himself from cracking a joke in the middle of class. The teacher who hated this the most was his Spanish teacher in middle school. No matter who was disruptive, "Cody" was to blame. Fellow classmates referred to it as "F***ing hilarious". He never did his work because someone had put his notebook in the top cabinet in the classroom and he couldn't reach it. After three rough years, it was May of 2015, time for the 8th grade gradventure trip. He was so excited. When he finally got to the park, the ride he had been waiting for was open. He was ecstatic. He ran to the Mummy ride and stepped in line. After a 45 minute wait, he finally made it to the ride car. Just as he was stepping into the car, one of the staff grabbed him and said "Sorry buddy, you're gonna have to grow a little more!"

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