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Time Travel Cover-Up is a conspiracy theory that the government has discovered time travel and have covered it up. Andrew Basiago claims that the government has covered-up time travel and that he was part of a series of experiments called Project Pegasus where the government forced children into participating in time travel. 

Basiago's theories have been ridiculed, but he isn't the only one who claims to have traveled in time. Others include: John Titor, Sir Victor Goddard, and Pellegrino Ernetti. 

The theory goes into more detail saying that the government covered-up time travel so they could use it for their own purposes. Many photos from the past featuring people who have modern technology and a woman in an old movie with a cellphone have made many more people believe this theory. 

I believe that time travel is real , and the government is traveling back and forth in time , if you really look at sometimes there may be certain anomalies that happen in the space time continum, it could mean that someone has gone back and changed something , but the person surrounding the event may not even notice that things around them have been changed.

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