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Unidentifed flying objects have been found everywhere. Europe, America, Russia... even in space of all places.

Event Location Date Notes
José Bonilla Observation Zacatecas Observatory, Mexico 1883 First mutual photographic UFO record (see José Bonilla Observation)
Maracaibo Incidence Maracibo, Venezuela 1886
Mystery airships USA (many states) 1896-97,
Two very similar incidents, about 15 years apart
Fatima Incident Fatima, Portugal 1917
Nazi UFOs Belief the Nazi Germany developed spacecraft.
Foo Fighters Skies of WWII 1939-45
Battle Of Los Angeles Los Angeles 1942
Kenneth A. Arnold 1947 First widely reported UFO
Roswell Incident Roswell, New Mexico 1947 An alien spacecraft allegedly crashes in Roswell, New Mexico.
Project Sign U.S. Air Force Study 1947
Project Grudge U.S. Air Force Study 1948
Project Blue Book U.S. Air Force Study 1952
Levelland UFO Levelland, Texas 1957
Kecksburg UFO Pennsylvania, U.S.A 1965
Gobi Desert UFOs Gobi Desert, Mongolia 1970 Allegedly almost caused a nuclear war between Soviet Union and China
Berwyn Mountain Incident Welsh Roswell 1974
Valentich Disappearance King Island, Australia 1978
Air Oregon Flight 181 Idaho, USA 1980 Plane crash after a supposed UFO encounter
Betty Cash Incident Texas, USA 1980
Rendlesham Forest Incident 1980 Britain's Roswell
Byelokoroviche Incidence Ukraine 1982 Nearly caused a nuclear war
1982 - 83 UFO flap USA 1982-83
Varginha UFO Varginha, Brazil 1996
The Disclosure Project USA 2007 Dr. Steven Greer

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