US Government Agencies seem to have started working for another master - the Capitalists.


United States Note Vs. Federal Reserve Note

It all started with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which sold the US monetary system.

Then came the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, where a second assassin was covered for by a US Government agency, possibly by the NSA itself.

Now, the NSA has refused to answer to the US Senate. With these evidences we now know that, US agencies are working for some one else, the Money Masters, also known as Bankers.

Rogue activities by US Agencies/Authorities Edit

These "Rogue" activities seem to have one or more of three distinct purposes:

  • Capitalize / Profit
  • Demoralize / Degrade/ Humiliate
  • Control / Manipulate

Federal Bureau of Intelligence Edit

Central Intelligence Agency Edit

  • Training of Bin Laden as a terrorist, meant to fight for capitalists, against USSR.
  • Inciting riots and overthrowing Democracies

National Security Agency Edit


Police Edit

  • Police taking & giving bribes
  • Police molesting, sometimes even raping drivers in the name of "Cavity Search"
  • Forfeiture (Government sanctioned Robbery) of private property

Transport Security AdministrationEdit

  • Transport Security Administration molesting airplane travelers

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