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Vampires are theorized to have been existing among humans for centuries, hiding among the general populace either as beings of high authority or average humans. Their primary attribute is that they must regularly drink human blood to survive.


  • Some vampires are believed to be working for the governments, possibly developing biological weapons to turn entire cities into vampiric hives, causing a "vampire apocalypse".


  • Vampires are thought to possess many superhuman powers such as shapeshifting, flight, superhuman strength and speed.
  • Since firearms, blades, and most other commons weapons are considered useless against vampires, there are few specific ways to defend against them:
    • Vampires have very low tolerance for sunlight and even a brief exposure to it will disintegrate them
    • Decapitation by any means will kill a vampire
    • A stake through the heart may destroy some vampires, but it will merely paralyze others
    • Crosses, holy water, and other religious symbols are only effective in the hands of someone with true faith
    • Contrary to popular beliefs, garlic only makes them nauseous
  • Most commonly, they can be identified by having fangs and black eyes, although their shapeshifting abilities allow them to mask these features.

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